French Bistro Opens in Taikoo Shing on Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong’s growing French community was out in force on 26 June 2016 to celebrate the grand opening of Eiffel Bistro, the10th food and beverage outlet to be opened by the growing French Creations group.

There was a free flow of champagne, rose, and other tipples. The mouth-watering canapes never stopped emanating from the restaurant's stylish open kitchen.

Sliders, which are known locally as mini hamburgers, are one of my favourite nibblies at cocktail parties. Something similar was served here, but between slices of mini baguettes rather than buns. The thick, gooey sauce was to die for.

Interestingly, one of the yummiest snacks was also one ofthe simplest: cheese melted over toasted slices of mini baguettes.

About 90% of the guests were French, whose numbers have grown exponentially in Hong Kong over the last decade.

There are now estimated to be more than 25,000 French nationals in the city, and they seem to be adding an undeniable savoire-faire to the city's cultural and culinary scene.

I chatted with a Frenchwoman, who - after five years - considers Hong Kong home.

We definitely saw eye to eye when it comes to escargot, which was mercifully not served that night.

"I might be French, but I don't like eating snails," she confided,  using the English rather than the French word for escargot.

"I think the texture is disgusting. As for the taste, it's all in the sauce. Why not put the sauce on something that's not disgusting?"

At one point I was approached two young Chinese men in their late teens or early twenties.

"Are you famous?" one of them asked me.

"Of course I'm famous! That's why I'm here," I joked.

Their faces lit up and one of them said, "Really? We are bloggers! Can we take your picture?"

Eiffel Bistro is the 10th food and beverage outlet in the French Creations group and the sixth bistro. There is also a brasserie, two lounges, and a wineshop. One of the bistros also doubles as a wine shop.

With the exception of Saint-Germain, a Parisian style brasserie in Happy Valley, all of the eateries are located in the SoHo section of Central or nearby Sai Ying Poon, which is being increasingly referred to as Little Paris.

Eiffel Bistro is French Creations' first foray into Northern Hong Kong Island. More outlets are planned. Can we look forward to one in Kowloon or the New Territories?